Malachi Pegues

b. 20 March 1780, d. 17 November 1847

Malachi Pegues, 1780-1847
  • Malachi Pegues was born on 20 March 1780 in Cheraw District, South Carolina.
  • He married Charlotte Johnson, daughter of Col. William Johnson and Unknown (?), on 6 March 1806, and Charlotte's sister Jane married Malachi's brother James in 1803.
  • The following appeared on 8 September 1812 in the City Gazette and Commercial Daily Advertiser: State of South-Carolina. In the House of Representatives, December 14, 1811. Resolved, That the election to be holden on the second Monday in October next, and on the day following, for Senators and Members of the House of Representatives, shall be holden at the following places, and conducted by the following persons, viz: . . . For Marlborough. At Marlborough court-house -- managers captain Malachi Pegues, William Bristow and John Thomas. Two Representatives to be elected.
  • Malachi Pegues became a widower at the 22 March 1837 death of his wife Charlotte Johnson.
  • Malachi Pegues died on 17 November 1847 at age 67.
  • He was interred at Oxford Memorial Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi.
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Family: Charlotte Johnson b. 1 January 1791, d. 22 March 1837