Campbell Edwin Goree

b. 1 December 1880, d. July 1896
  • Campbell Edwin Goree was born on 1 December 1880.
  • Campbell Edwin Goree died in July 1896 at age 15.
  • He was interred at Oakland Cemetery, Navasota, Grimes County, Texas.
  • The following appeared on 25 July 1896 in The Galveston Daily News: (Huntsville, July 24) Further particulars of the accidental shooting of Edwin C. Goree of Navasota, while hunting on the Trinity river near Midway last Tuesday, show that young Goree with a companion was cleaning game in a boat at Clapp's ferry, half-filled with water. The paddle, which had been stuck in the mud to steady the boat, gave way and the craft began to drift into the current. Young Goree told his companion to step ashore and followed himself, attempting to pull the gun from the boat with the muzzle toward him. In doing so the hammer caught against the boat's side and the load of squirrel shot was discharged into his body. His companion immediately went in search of medical assistance, but when it came was too late to check the flow of blood. The wounded boy was taken to Midway, but despite every effort the circulation of the blood could not be renewed sufficiently to save his life.
         Neither of the boys were over 15 years of age. The deceased was a son of the late Dr. Langston J. Goree and a nephew of Major Thomas J. Goree.
         Mrs. Groee and her children were on a visit to relatives near Midway. The remains were taken to Lovelady and from there shipped to Navasota.
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