Pierre Jud

b. circa 1833, d. 4 September 1898
  • Pierre Jud was born circa 1833 in Elsaß.
  • He was known as Peter Schutt in the United States.
  • Pierre Jud arrived in the Port of New York on 18 July 1853, from Le Havra aboard the Ship Florida, traveling in II Cabin, apparently from Switzerland.
  • He married Regina Fishwinger circa 1856.
  • The following appeared on 24 February 1888 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Judge Kelly gave his decision Thursday morning in the case of Peter Schutt, charged with receiving stolen property. Schutt is a locksmith and has a shop on Broadway. Testimony showed that he purchased a number of wrenches and small tools from several boys. Schutt made no inquiries about the tools, and, as a fact, the boys had stolen them. Several of the youngsters were arrested for stealing the tools, and after they had been committed to the house of refuge or reform farm Schutt was looked after. Judge Kelly reviewed the testimony of the case and found the accused guilty as charged. "This is Schutt's first offense," said the court, "and I do not feel disposed to give him a workhouse sentence, but I shall fine him $25 and the costs."
  • The following appeared on 11 March 1888 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Secret Societies (O. D. I. F.) . . . Peter Schutt of Jackson lodge, No. 30, has resigned as recording secretary, and R. Baudert of No. 40 Trumbolt street elected to fill the vacancy.
  • Pierre Jud died on 4 September 1898 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
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Family: Regina Fishwinger b. circa 1837