Francis Rushton

b. 24 August 1828, d. 3 March 1868
  • Francis Rushton was born circa 1828 in Longdon, Staffordshire, England.
  • He was baptized/christened on 24 August 1828 at Longdon, St. James in Longdon by Lichfield, Staffordshire, England.
  • George Rushton and Ann Farnsworth appeared in the British census of 6 June 1841 in Longdon Green, Longdon, Staffordshire, England. Other members of the household included Francis Rushton, George Rushton, Ann Rushton and Jane Rushton.
  • The following appeared on 10 November 1858 in The Morning News: (Thames--Yesterday) Ann Walt, a woman of the town, and a very daring and successful thief, who has been frequently in custody for various robberies, and has hitherto escaped conviction, was brought before Mr. Yardley, charged with stealing £7 8s. 6d. from the person of a seaman named John Marshall, lately paid off from the brig Ann Stainton, lying in the Commercial Dock, Rotherhithe.
         The prosecutor stated that on Wednesday, the 3d inst., he met the prisoner in a public-house, and after treating her with liquor and a supper, they proceeded to a house, No. 5, Labour-in-Vain-street, Shadwell. He gave the prisoner 2s. to purchase tea and other things, and as she promised him a snug berth and good treatment while on shore he said he would remain with her. He then went to bed, and at that time his money, £7 8s. 6d. was in a stocking which he kept inside his flannel shirt. A minute or two afterwards the prisoner put her hand in his bosom, took out the stocking and the money, and left the room with it. He went down stairs after her, and could not find her in the house.
         In answer to questions by Mr. Yardley, the prosecutor said he was quite sober when he entered the prisoner's dwelling, and was sure she was the woman who took his money. He met her on Monday night, and gave her into custody.
         Francis Rushton, a police-constable, No. 113 K, said the prisoner admitted to him that she was with the prosecutor on the 3d inst., but denied having taken his money.
         Prisoner, in defence, said she received £1 5s. of the sailor, which was a free gift, but took no money from him.
         Mr. Yardley: You are committed for trial.
  • Francis Rushton appeared in the British census of 7 April 1861 in Dagenham, Romford, Essex, England, at the Police Station.
  • He was a police constable, according to the 1861 census.
  • There appeared in The London Times on 17 September 1861 a police report mentioning Francis Rushton, police constable 113 of the K division, in connection with an alleged pick-pocket incident aboard the North London Railway, the suspect having alighted at Bow Station.
  • On 6 March 1862, an incident that occurred at No. 1, Carlisle-terrace, Fairfield-road, Bow, was reported in The London Times: ". . . Francis Rushton, a police-constable, No. 113 K, produced a Spanish dagger-knife with a spring back, a gold watch and chain, 2L. 8s. 2d., and a passenger's contract ticket for a voyage to America, which had been taken from the person of the prisoner. . . . [Constable Rushton] was at the station-house in the Bow-road on Thursday night, when he heard the screams of a woman and the cries of "Murder!" in Mr. Garman's house. He went there, and discovered the front door, which was partly glazed with plate glass, broken down and shattered. The glass in the door was shifered into a thousand pieces. He found the prisoner in the lobby about to ascend the stairs leading to the drawing-room, where Mrs. Garman and a servant girl were calling for help. The prisoner ran at him with the dagger-knife and attempted to stab him with it. He struck him on the head with his truncheon and knocked him down. He talked very incoherently in the station, and he believed him to be mad. . . ." A few days later, the prisoner committed suicide at the Clerkenwell House of Detention.
  • He married Johanna Brassel, daughter of Michael Brassel, on 25 December 1862 in Bromley St. Leonard, London, Middlesex, England, at the Parish Church, with Augustus G. How officiating. According to this marriage record, she was a spinster and he a bachelor, both living in Bromley. The bride is identified as Joanna Brussel, age full, father Michael Brussel, deceased. She signed by making her mark..
  • Johanna Brassel became a widow at his death.
  • Francis Rushton died on 3 March 1868 at age 39 in Poplar, London, Middlesex, England, at 11 Powis Road, Bromley, Bow of some condition characterized by anasarca, or generalized massive edema. Neighbor Mary Ann Haycocks was present at his death.
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Family: Johanna Brassel b. circa 23 August 1842, d. 14 March 1919