Valentin Kämmerer

b. circa July 1798, d. 17 November 1841
  • Valentin Kämmerer was born circa July 1798.
  • He was baptized/christened on 12 July 1798 in Undenheim, Rheinhessen, sponsored by Valentin Pharo. Valentin Faro is described as the son of Valentin Faro, local butcher.
  • Although no record of marriage has been found, Valentin Kämmerer and Anna Maria Manz lived as husband and wife. It seems likely that they did not marry because Valentin was a Catholic and Maria Manz Nauth was not.
  • Valentin Kämmerer died on 17 November 1841 in Undenheim, Rheinhessen.
  • Photographs of present-day Undenheim.
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Family: Anna Maria Manz b. 20 August 1801, d. 25 September 1836