John De Voe

b. circa 1748
  • John De Voe was born circa 1748 in Westchester County, New York.
  • He married Mary Buel circa 1771.
  • John De Voe became a widower at the circa 1780 death of his wife Mary Buel.
  • He married Eunice Blake circa 1786.
  • From Thomas F. De Voe's Genealogy of the De Veaux Family (1885):
         John was born in 1748; married, 1st, Mary Buel about 1771, when he moved to the city of New York and entered into business, but on the commencement of the Revolution he moved away. His father died in 1777, when his brothers Peter and Isaac paid him £100 in lieu of landed property and according to the will of their father. By this (first) wife he had a son named Charles and one or two daughters, after which or during the War the wife died. At the close of the War John again returned to the city and engaged in business, and married his second wife, Eunice Blake, in 1786 or 7, by whom he had Samuel, John B., Margaret, Maria, and another daughter who married John Williams.
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Family 1: Mary Buel d. circa 1780

Family 2: Eunice Blake