Frank Otto Mittag

b. 1 August 1855, d. 10 July 1926
  • Frank Otto Mittag was born on 1 August 1855 in Rossville, Richmond County, New York.
  • John C. Louis Mittag and Caroline Herms, appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1870 in Newtown, Long Island, Queens County, New York. Other members of the household included Frank Otto Mittag, Charles Mittag, Johanna R. Mittag, James Siegfried Mittag and Louisa Mittag.
  • He married Jennie L. White, daughter of (?) White and Unknown (?), circa 1879.
  • Frank Otto Mittag and Jennie L. White appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1880 in New York City, New York, at 21 Bedford Street. Other members of the household included John White.
  • Frank Otto Mittag and Jennie L. White appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1900 in Park Ridge, Bergen County, New Jersey. Other members of the household included Florence O. Mittag, Frank Otto Mittag Jr, Jennie L. Mittag, Caroline Mittag, Ida May Mittag, Elfrida Mittag, Elsie Mittag, Lester E. Mittag and Allan Carter Mittag.
  • He was a carbon paper manufacturer, according to the 1900 census.
  • The following appeared on 2 November 1904 in The Sun: (Nyack, Nov. 1) Louis Stark, superintendent of Mittag & Volger's carbon mills at Park Ridge, N. J., was shot and instantly killed by the discharge of a gun in the hands of Frank O. Mittag, the head of the firm, at Pearl River this afternoon.
         Mr. Mittaqg, with Mr. Stark, James Haring and Stephen Salter, started out hunting this morning. They went up to Vreeland's mills at Pearl River, in Mr. Mittag's automobile and up to 9 o'clock had secured a few rabbits.
         From then until 2 nothing was shot. Stark, Haring and Stalter sat on a fence near the mill when the party halted, and Mr. Mittag asked if they were satisfied for the day.
         Mr. Stark replied "Yes, let's go home," and jumped from the fence. He walked toward the auto about ten feet in front of Mr. Mittag, who was endeavoring to extract a shell from the single barrel shotgun he had been using.
         The shell exploded and the entire charge entered Mr. Stark's head just at the base of the brain. He died almost instantly.
         Coroner Bittig was notified and went to Pearl River at once. After an investigation he satisfied himself that the shooting was accidental and decided not to arrest Mittag.
  • Frank Otto Mittag and Jennie L. White appeared in the US federal census of 15 April 1910 in Park Ridge, Bergen County, New Jersey, at Maple Avenue. Other members of the household included Ida May Mittag, Frank Otto Mittag Jr, Elfrida Mittag, Elsie Mittag, Lester E. Mittag, Allan Carter Mittag and Cornelius M. Mittag. Also in the household was on male servant.
  • He was a manufacturer of carbon paper, according to the 1910 census.
  • The following appeared on 20 October 1910 in The Sun: (Hackensack, Oct. 19) Vivian Lewis, Republican candidate for Governor, made an open air speech at Park Ridge this afternoon. Mayor Frank O. Mittag closed his typewriter supplies factory so that his men could hear the candidate.
         "I deeply appreciate this kind act on the part of Mayor Mittag," said Mr. Lewis, "for he belongs to a different political party. Park Ridge is to be congratulated upon having a man so broad minded and so fair minded as the Mayor. The time has passed when manufacturers assume the right to coerce their men in public matters, and Mayor Mittag has displayed that advanced public spirit in allowing you and me the privilege to meet."
  • The following appeared on 27 November 1914 in The Sun: (Hackensack, Nov. 26) Two young men were killed and another was dangerously injured early this morning when the automobile in which they were riding crashed into a tree at the junction of Spring Valley road and Spring Valley avenue, about two miles from Hackensack.
         The dead are Allan Carter Mittag, 19 years old, a son of Frank O. Mittag, a former Freeholder and wealthy carbon manufacturer at Park Ridge, and Theodore Barkerding, 18, son of Adolph H. Barkerding of Park Ridge.
         Vernon Stark, a son of H. S. Stark, superintendent of the Mittag factory, who was driving the automobile, suffered a fractured thigh and probable internal injuries. He was taken to the Hackensack Hospital and later to Dr. Waite's private sanitarium, High Street, Newark. His recovery is hoped for.
         Mittag, until recently a student at Rutgers college, was instantly killed. Barkerding, a student in the Park Ridge High School, died at noon in the Hackensack Hospital from a fracture of the skull.
    :TAB: The young men attended a theatre in Paterson, judging from a programme and seat checks in Mittag's pocket. They had supper before starting for home and took the Market street road to Rochelle Park, driving across the Spring Valley road in order to ski[p the main road from Hackensack to Oradell, which is being repaired. This explains their presence on what is known as a back road, but which is in fine shape.
         The wreck of the machine and the condition of the tree which was struck indicate the car was travelling at a high speed.
         In a statement to his father in the hospital this morning Vernon Stark said that just as the automobile neared a bend in the road the lights suddenly went out and that he couldn't see to take the curve. The tree is not more than fifty feet beyond the bend.
         Mittag and Barkerding were hurled headfirst against the tree and were found lying on the ground nearby by a party of young people on their way home from a dance.
         The parents of Barkerding left for Florida to spend the winter. A telegram was sent to them, and Mrs. Barkerding replied she would arrive here to-morrow night. She was not told of her son's death.
         The automobile was a five passenger touring car bought by Mrs. Stark for her son about six months ago.
  • Frank Otto Mittag appeared in the US federal census of 1 January 1920 in Rumson, Monmouth County, New Jersey, at Oceanic Road. Other members of the household included Elsie Mittag. Frank's wife Jennie and their three sons were enumerated in Park Ridge.
  • He was a manufacturer of carbon paper, according to the 1920 census.
  • Frank Otto Mittag died on 10 July 1926 at age 70.
  • A short biographical sketch appears in Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, published in 1900.
  • The following appears in The Story of New Jersey, published in 1945: Mittag & Volger, Inc. -- Manufacturers of carbon papers, inked ribbons, etc., Park Ridge, New Jersey, Mittag & Volger, Inc., was founded by Frank O. Mittag, Sr., under the firm name of Mittag, Maclagan & Storms and later on the name was changed to Mittag, Maclagan & Company, the company being Theodore G. Volger, and still later on with the purchase of Mr. Maclagan's interests, the firm became Mittag & Volger. On the death of Mr. Volger, in 1905, the interests were acquired by F. O. Mittag and in November, 1906, the business was incorporated and since that time has been known as Mittag & Volger, Inc.
         F. O. Mittag died on July 10, 1926. In 1881 he associated himself with the Rogers Carbon Paper Company and a little later on manufactured ribbons and carbon paper at No. 128 Broad Street, New York City, under the firm name of F. O. Mittag. Mr. Mittag is recognized as one of the pioneers of the industry.
         The first factory was located on Lawn Street, Park Ridge, in 1887. In 1895 a large brick factory was built near the New Jersey & New York Railroad tracks. This was very much enlarged in 1904 and again several times in subsequent years. This company has always been successful. Its business ranks as one of the largest in the industry. In normal times shipments are made daily to practically every city in the States, being distributed through its branches located in New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Havana, Cuba; and in normal times to practically every country in the world. The present officers of the company are: T. G. Forbes, president; Ira Cole, vice-president and sales manager; R. A. Stark, vice-president; V. G. Stark, treasurer; L. E. Mittag, secretary, and P. L. Foster, assistant sales manager.
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Family: Jennie L. White b. September 1862