Hilja Mattson

b. May 1900, d. 1913
  • Hilja Mattson was born in May 1900 in South Dakota.
  • Her name was recorded as Josephine in the 1900 census.
  • Alexander Mattson and Emma Josefina Reini appeared in the US federal census of 1 June 1900 in Lead, Lawrence County, South Dakota. Other members of the household included Hilja Mattson, Jalmer Mathius Mattson, Hilda Elizabeth Mattson, Albert Alexander Mattson, Wilho Edward Mattson and Hubert John Mattson.
  • Hilja Mattson died in 1913 in Lead, South Dakota, probably 5 November, recorded as Ida Mattson.
  • Some family records indicate that there were two daughters,Josephine and Hilja, both born 1900. However, since Josephine appears in the household in the 1900 census and Hilja in 1910, the other children are spaced so closely, and there appears to be no further record of either except the 1913 death of Hilja, it is an educated guess that Josephine and Hilja were one and the same.
  • Last Edited: 15 Jul 2016