Marilyn C. Mittag

b. 20 November 1929

Marilyn C Mittag, 1929-
  • Marilyn C. Mittag was born on 20 November 1929 in New Jersey.
  • Irving Wagner Mittag and Cornelia Weed appeared in the US federal census of 1 April 1930 in Park Ridge, Bergen County, New Jersey. Other members of the household included Marilyn C. Mittag.
  • The following appeared in a local newspaper, in December 1938: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Laurier, well-known residents of Upper Montvale, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon. The happy couple who have resided at Upper Montvale for the past 23 years, were married December 19, 1888, at Speier, in southwestern Germany. Both were born on the same day in the same town in which they also were married. They have two sons, Carl, well known pianist, and Ludwig. Mr. Laurier is also related to Sir Wilfred Laurier, one time Premier of Canada.
         Before coming to this section Mr. Laurier was engaged in the drug store business in Niagara Falls, and was for more than 16 years general manager of the New York office of Colgate & Co., perfumers.
         More than 50 relatives, friends and neighbors called at the home Sunday afternoon and evening and extended their congratulations and best wishes, and the honored couple received many beautiful flowers, handsome gifts, and anniversary cards.
         An informal musical program was presented, the guest artist being Mr. Ludwig Laurier, former concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera House orchestra and conductor of the favorite hour known as the "Slumber Hour" on WJZ a few years ago. Mr. Laurier, a brother of the honored groom, accompanied by Carl Laurier, his nephew, who is also well-known in musical activities, gave a masterly rendition of the the Max Bruch Concerto No. 1, and as a special gift for the bride and groom splendidly played "La Cinquintain" by Gabriel-Marie.
         Frederick Loescher, well known county tenor and director, sang several operatic and concert selections by Schubert and Verdi, and scored with the singing of Jacques Wolfe's "Shortenin' Bread". Later in the evening Mr. Loescher also gave several comic recitations.
         Among the guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Laurier of New York, Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Laurier, daughter Lois, and sons, Eugene and Ludwig, Jr., of Park Ridge; Carl Laurier and son, Carl, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Price, Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Cooper, and John R. Foxlee, all of Montvale; Mrs. Bertha C. Forbes of Pearl River, Frank P. Schwalm, Mrs. Clara S. Loughrey and Miss Ethel Schwalm of New City; Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Turse and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dick of Park Ridge; Frederick Leoscher, of Pearl River; Mrs. John Carlock and daughter, Mrs. Arthur Krausse, Mr. and Mrs. James S. Mittag and daughter, Barbara, and son, James. Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Irving Mittag and son, James, and daughter, Maryllyn, all of Ridgewood, N. J.
         The party broke up at an early hour with all wishing the happy couple many more years of married happiness.
  • Irving Wagner Mittag and Cornelia Weed appeared in the US federal census of 1 April 1940 in Glen Rock, Bergen County, New Jersey, at 36 Park Avenue. Other members of the household included Marilyn C. Mittag.
  • About 1949, cousins Lud Laurier and Marilyn Mittag served as models for a technical article about synthetic detergents -- pictured washing dishes in sea water.
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